Your Annual Physical Is Important

Friday, July 13th, 2018

An Annual Exam – A Good Idea

“Why should I have an annual exam?” you ask. “I’m in good health and I have no complaints, so what’s the point?”

An annual physical is so much more than a check-up. Following are a few answers to the question above:

In an annual exam, you have an opportunity to establish or deepen your relationship with your healthcare provider. A strong patient-provider relationship based on trust is ideal for maintaining long-term health.
Preventive care ensures you are receiving all recommended screening exams and tests – and staying current with immunizations. AND THE GOOD NEWS IS: most preventive care is covered by insurance at no additional cost to you.
The physical exam combined with tests will check for possible disease. We all know that early detection enhances quality of life and can even save lives.
Together, you and your doctor can talk about potential health risks, making it easier to avoid chronic illness before it takes hold.
You will have the peace-of-mind of knowing that you are taking important steps toward a lifetime of good health.
Our providers truly value this time with you. The better they know you — the better they can help if you become ill.
We realize that seeing your doctor is not always on top of your to-do list. But we also know that the upside of seeing your healthcare provider regularly is truly worth your time. After all, good health is a key ingredient to living a long and happy life.

Please call to schedule your annual exam. You’ll be glad you did. 952-926-6489